Public Schools

Public schools pages is a hub to provide public schools details and information including:

* School level
* NCES district ID
* NCES school ID
* Grade Level
* Addresses
* Phone Numbers
* and more.

Public Schools Near Me

Below you can find a selected public schools near me from our directory (for additional public schools, please use the states list below or the public schools search options):

Schools Near Me

Below you can find the full directory for schools near me and public schools by state (additional information from our directory including school level, NCES district ID, NCES school ID, grade Levels, addresses, phone numbers and more:

Private School vs Public School – How Do the Students Compare?

What’s the difference between a private school and a public school? Which kids are more successful? Who will go on to make more money in life? Watch this video to discover the answers to these questions and more.

Public Schools

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